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Pool tables, often known as billiards, have a long and illustrious history. They were first found in the 15th century and were once played by royalty. Billiards originated in Northern Europe during the 15th century as a lawn game akin to croquet. From then, it evolved into the current style of billiard/pool table and regulations. Rails on billiard/pool tables used to be flat, and their sole use was to protect the balls from slipping off. They were once referred to as “banks” because they resembled riverbanks. The “bank shot” was invented when billiard players found that the balls could bounce off the rails and began purposefully aiming at them. The billiard ball is hit toward the rail to rebound off one cushion – possibly three, four, or five rails – and into the pocket as part of the shot.

The pool table is ideal for small or big gatherings, and when combined with other pub-themed activities, you can be sure that your guests will be entertained for hours. The pool table is of professional quality and will add a touch of class to your gathering.

Our pool tables, along with other bar-themed games, are the ideal rental activity for your next event or party, especially if space is restricted. Everything you’ll need to play is included in the rental.

Pool tables continue to be one of the most popular games. We can even provide the entire pub game package, including pool tables, air hockey, corn hole, and big Jenga. Why not host an evening of traditional pub games for your guests? Pool tables are an excellent complement to any event, and The Pool Table Guy’s pool tables are available for hire within a 200-mile radius of Orland, California.

Air Hockey Rentals

The invention of air hockey was ultimately achieved in 1969. Three males, all of whom are great hockey aficionados, came up with the idea of making a tiny hockey game in which a little puck could float across the table’s surface, similar to how a real puck glides across an ice rink’s surface. It all began with their concept of a frictionless tabletop. In 1972, an engineer called Bob Lemineux made the fantasy a reality by developing a working design. The world witnessed the first air hockey table when he partnered up with Brunswick Billiards, a prominent pool table manufacturer. As the 1980s arrived and video games became the craze, the popularity of the table waned. However, with the creation of the USAA, professional tournaments, and the assistance of Mark Robbins, an avid air hockey enthusiast, these tables were able to stay relevant and outlast the period of video arcade games. Manufacturers are now producing pro-quality air hockey tables that you can play on in the comfort of your own home, making air hockey tables more popular than ever before.

Air Hockey is a terrific fast-paced and entertaining addition to any gathering. Two people compete to see who can score the most goals against their opponent first. The players use their paddles to knock the puck down the table’s surface, which has holes in it to let air flow through from the fan beneath.

Air Hockey tables are a popular piece of equipment to hire for any occasion. The Pool Table Guy’s Air Hockey table is available for team building, weddings, corporate celebrations, and other events. The Pool Table Guy’s Air Hockey table is available for hire in a 200-mile radius around Orland, California.

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